The 2022 Family Zone will offer more family fun than ever before with an abundance of new rides and experiences for families of all sizes and children of all ages, including a 26m high ferris wheel, boot camp obstacle course, a giant slide and many more!

Operating from 10am - 3pm and 5:30pm- 9pm daily during the festival.

Family Zone Stage

Located in Family Zone on Kable Avenue, the stage will be full of great talent every day of the festival for the whole family to enjoy!

Full line up to come!

Family Zone Rides

Family Zone is a kids (and adults) dream with a bunch of different rides and activities to keep the whole family happy!

This year from 11am - 12pm each day will be HAPPY HOUR. Buy 1 ticket get a second ticket half price!

Just some of the rides are listed below!

Ferris wheel
Family fun with a view of all the action!

Dodgem cars
This 22m Dodgem car is a family favourite! Holding 18 cars, this track allows for maximum capacity whilst still enduring there is plenty of space to move. Brand new from Europe in 2015, this hydraulic dodgem track has been a crowd pleaser at over 100 events in Australia. Its fresh and bright artwork as well as over 300 LED lights make this ride stand out in a crowd. With over 10 speeds and time options to choose from this dodgem track can be customised to suit the need of all riders and events. There are 4 speakers fitted within the track, this along with the 16 rows of LED lights creates a fun and exciting atmosphere for all patrons.

Let’s Dance
With its flashing strobe lights and fast pace this ride is sure to make anyone’s heart race! Seating 18 riders, the LET’S Dance is a favourite among pre-teen and teenage patrons. All operators of this ride have been trained to look out for signs of a patron in distress and adjust the rides 12 speed system accordingly and to suit all riders comfort zones.

Giant slide
This ride is sure to bring out a kid’s joy and excitement in anyone! The Super Slide is a classic ride, dearly loved by all. Look over the whole event from 30m high before you race your friends and family to the bottom. Top speeds and maximum delight will be reached on this ride. With bright vibrant colours and LED lights along the whole 30 meters length the super slide is hard to miss!

Outback Monster Trucks
The Outback Monster Trucks is the definition of family fun. With six trucks, each holding four patrons, this ride has a large capacity to ensure maximum fun for maximum people. This ride is for the whole family, with young and young at heart alike being able to bask in the excitement together. This ride gives rides an imitation experience of being in a monster truck with the impressive artwork and lighting on this ride heighten patrons’ experiences. This ride is sure to animate any event it attends and will be a crowd favourite. 

Jumping Castle 
More details to come!

Plus a range of side show alley games!