18-27 January 2019

Family Zone

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The 2019 Regional Australia Bank Family Zone will offer more family fun than ever before with an abundance of new rides and experiences for families of all sizes and children of all ages, including a 26m high ferris wheel, boot camp obstacle course, a giant slide and many more!

Operating from 10am to 9pm during the festival.

Just some of the rides are listed below!

(Each coupon is $1)

Lets Dance
Holds 18 people, a fast paced ride.
Price: 6 coupons


Sea Circus
A family fun walk through a maze with different adventures and games for kids to play a along the way.
Price: 5 coupons

Monster Trucks
Six trucks each holding four patrons, this is a ride for the entire family. The ride gives an imitation experience of being  in a monster truck.
Price: 5 coupons

Giant Slide
30m high giant slide.
Price: 5 coupons (for 3 slides)


Boot Camp
25m long inflatable obstacle course, involves dodging and climbing over, under and through multiple obstacles.
Price: 5 coupons



The Wheel of Oz
This is a brand new ferris wheel that is 26 metres high. It has 18 gondalas and is capable of carrying 108 people. The ferris wheel has been fitted with thousands of led lights around the wheel and on each gondala.
Price: 7 coupons