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20-29 January 2017

Country music superstar Troy Cassar-Daley will Tune in to Recycling when he visits Hillvue Public School this morning.


Cassar-Daley has been the ambassador of the recycling campaign Tamworth Regional Council runs each year during the Tamworth Country Music Festival for 13 years.


He will sing to students, ask them about the sustainable activities they have at their school and talk to them about the Tune in to Recycling campaign.


“The Hillvue students have a strong involvement in environmentally-friendly activities and I wanted to tell them what a great job they are doing and encourage them to keep at it,' he said.


“They have shown how everyone can Tune in to Recycling,' he said. 'And it's important that Festival visitors recycle and put their rubbish in the right bins to help keep the city clean.


During the past 12 years, about 98 tonnes of recyclables - or the weight of about 50 average sedan cars - have been recovered from Peel Street and the Riverside Campgrounds during the Festival and recycled rather than end up in landfill.


“I was quite proud to learn that during the 2015 Festival we will tip over the 100-tonne mark for the amount of recyclables recovered,” Cassar-Daley said.

Cassar-Daley - winner of 26 Golden Guitars, four ARIAs, two APRA Country Song of the Year Awards, nine Deadlys (Australian Indigenous artist awards) and four CMAA Entertainer of the Year awards - said he is proud to be able to 'give something back to Tamworth' through his involvement in the campaign.


'Tamworth has given so much to me over the years,' he said. 'I'm happy to do my bit for Tamworth by spreading the recycling message to benefit the local environment.

' Cassar-Daley is in the running to add three Golden Guitars to his collection in January next year. My Country My Land, which he recorded with Dean Perrett, is a finalist in the Vocal Collaboration and Toyota Heritage Song of the Year categories. Old Hickory, recorded by 8 Ball Aitken and Cassar-Daley, is a finalist in the Instrumental of the Year category.


His Tamworth concert for 2015, titled The Streets of Old Tamworth, is on Thursday, 22 January at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre at 4.30pm.