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20-29 January 2017

Victoria AvenueDebut single 'Quit You' released to radio

After impressing punters at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January with their outstanding vocals and fresh take on country music, Sydney girl group VICTORIA AVENUE have announced the release of their debut single QUIT YOU. The single will be the first release on brand new boutique music label DOG WHISTLE MUSIC.
VICTORIA AVENUE, have started to firmly establish themselves as a musical energy to keep an eye on. For Holly, Tiara and Peta, singing and performing has been part of their upbringing, and the passion they bring to their craft is undeniable. Having all attended the same singing school when they were younger as part of a larger group; they performed together at every show, talent quest, council day and seniors club you can imagine. They began to take it more seriously, well as serious as you can at 16, when the three really clicked and decided that they wanted to make music their career.
Since their formation, VICTORIA AVENUE has been steadily building a presence on the local music scene, performing at a variety of venues throughout Sydney. Like all ambitious young artists, the girls have their sights firmly set on bringing their fun brand of Country Pop to the wider national attention.
With support continuing to grow for VICTORIA AVENUE, the girls have kept egos in check, choosing instead to focus on their development as a band and as a brand – a work ethic that has not faltered since they first came together five years ago.
“…If you have a common goal, respect and love for one another, all you can do is try. It’s definitely harder to be in a group; you share the limelight and the perks, but you also share the down and hard times – that’s what makes or break a group. We are a ‘group’ in every sense of the word and we think that really makes us stand out. We all have different strengths and together, we can be the best we can be.”
VICTORIA AVENUE have signed with new label DOG WHISTLE MUSIC. Established by industry mates Andrew Cochrane & Tom Inglis, DWM has a genuine passion for developing quality young new artists and their music.
Victoria Avenue said: We've been like sisters for years, we always knew we had an unbreakable bond, but maybe we never knew exactly what we were capable of achieving together. The past year has been an absolute whirlwind, we've worked hard at our craft, produced songs we are incredibly proud of, and met so many inspiring people that are now a part of our journey. It feels surreal to say 'were signed'! We couldn't be more grateful to Dog Whistle Music for believing in us. We can't wait to join forces and start paving the future of Victoria Avenue'.
Andrew Cochrane said: It’s not every day that you come across a group that gets you excited about the job you've been doing for 20 years. But the girls from Victoria Avenue certainly do just that and then some. Undeniably talented when it comes to vocals, it's such a joy to be working with them and discovering what really makes them special. I can’t wait for everyone else to experience their fun, down to earth attitude, uniqueness and brilliant vocal harmonies.


Story and photo courtesy HSF Artist Services.