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20-29 January 2017

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Luke O'Shea

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A rambunctious boy, Luke O'Shea escapes Sydney's sheltered Sutherland Shire to join the multi-cultural circus of back packers bumming around Australia and New Zealand.

He spends time with North American Indian communities and indigenous communities in Asia and Europe observing similarities between major and indigenous religions with particular focus on the ancient symbol, the Medicine Wheel.

Music at this stage is limited to playing covers on streets and in pubs to sustain 'the search'. It isn't until Luke spends a year in the musical city of Galway that he finds his own voice and feels that he has a story to tell.

Song writing consumes his travel bug and he heads home with the same hunger that took him away. He forms his band Medicine Wheel and starts a life as a journeyman singer songwriter.

After many years and countless miles Luke O'Shea is now an award winning Australian storyteller, enthralling live performer and occasional political activist. As a songwriter he draws inspiration from the unique and everyday characters he meets. As a husband and father of three he feels a duty “to look my kids in the eye and say I did what I could for Australia's future. To sing up those people who are in trouble, who are feeling desperate, who are feeling hopeless.”

In January 2016, fifteen years after the release of his debut set 'No Day Like Today', Luke will release a new album on Compass Bros / Universal.

“Country music enthusiasts will agree that the ability to weave story and meaning into song is one of the traits of a gifted songsmith. That being the case Luke O'Shea is a master craftsman.” Capital News

“With his trademark green felt hat and five o'clock shadow, Luke O'Shea is a fitting heir to the bush troubadours of centuries past. The punter can almost taste the dust and haze of eucalyptus oil that hang so vibrantly in the singer's imagination.”

“Brave, original, Australian country music, delivered with mesmerizing melody, inspiring musicianship and larrikin humour - Luke O'Shea is a 'must see' act!” Country Update Magazine